About Dave & The Rowdy Lodge

My name's Dave and I'm the owner & founder of The Rowdy Lodge. Below is pic of me, my wife and our dog Zeus. We also now have a son.

I never planned to have a business selling signs but I did always want to run a business. 

Back in 2014 after working at UPS for 6 years I quit and wanted to see if I could figure out a way to make money on my own. 

I tried a lot of shit in those early days but one thing that I had success with was selling t-shirts. I started a website called The Beer Life and sold funny drinking shirts.

I was always looking into other beer or drinking related products to sell and one day I came across this bad ass personalized acrylic LED sign. I ordered a sample and below is a picture of that first product sample I received.


I put this picture on the site and they started selling immediately. I figured I was on to something and put all my effort into selling these personalized LED signs.

I started off selling drinking and home bar signs but over the years people asked for other sign designs. Now we sell all kinds of rowdy signs!

The Rowdy Lodge is an extension of my own personality. I'll goto the store with my wife and make fun of all the signs with corny cliche ass quotes such as "Live, Laugh, Love!" and all that shit.

That's not what The Rowdy Lodge is about. I come up with 99% of the designs you see on the site. I want to make the signs that are too badass for the big box stores to sell. I love the dirty humor and you won't find anything with any cliche sayings like "Home Is Where The Heart Is" or any shit like that.

This has worked well for me. As of 2023, I've sold over 40,000 custom LED signs. Not only that but dozens of other sites have popped up copying my designs over the years. 

I guess what they say is true, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery". No I won't be putting that on a sign!